• AbleCommerce Custom Development and Customization

We can integrate your AbleCommerce site with a third party system.

We have successfully integrated AbleCommerce software with  Enterprise CRM Systems like NetSuite and  numerous  third party warehouse and fulfillment providers. Drundo Software is the only AbleCommerce partner who has implemented PayPal one click checkout utilizing the latest PayPal Instant Update.

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We can implement add-on components for your store, like Email Marketing.

Drundo Software’s expertise in AbleCommerce has enabled us to develop custom addons for both AbleCommerce 7 and AbleCommerce Gold platforms. Our plugins like Content Delivery Network integration  can make your site respond faster easier to find.

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We can upgrade your existing AbleCommerce site to the latest AbleCommerce version.

We have helped numerous clients with their site migration and upgrade from AbleCommerce 7 to AbleCommerce Gold platforms. Some of our AbleCommerce managed hosting plans include free patches and AbleCommerce updates install.

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I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my website. It is working so much better now. I am starting to get orders now, something that was totally lacking before. Thanks so much for all you do, it is appreciated.

Judy PutzOwnerJudy’s Dolls LLC

Truly glad that we found you to host and support our Ablecommerce website. Fantastic job from day one, year and a half ago till now!

PhilCTOESP Chemicals Inc.

Just wanted to say thank you for getting us switched over and taking care of us in a timely manor. We really appreciate it. I will definitely brag on you to other business and ablecommerce. — Thank you,

Paul BakerOwnerS4K Inc.

First, thank you for all your help with the email issues we were having yesterday. It is very appreciated and reminds me of why I prefer to do business with Drundo!

Bryan BundgaardOwnerTeaching Stuff Inc

Here are a few examples of custom AbleCommerce enhancements and customizations we have developed for some of our clients

NoTubes Ecommerce Site

Stan’s NoTubes offers a better tubeless tire system. Using his exceptional ingenuity, Stan devised the original NoTubes sealing system in 2001, the same system that today has become the preferred tubeless conversion system around the world.

Drundo implemented automated order and product synchronization between NoTubes online storefront based on AbleCommerce ecommerce platform and NetSuite using SuiteTalk interface. All client, order and billing information is being automatically synchronized with NoTubes NetSuite account in real time. NoTubes online storefront automatically updates product availability and updated customer information from NetSuite.

Automated email notifications are being sent to NoTubes staff for various events like failed payments, out of stock items etc.

  • Implemented AbleCommerce Commerce Gold NetSuite synchronization.
  • Automated NetSuite Client, Orders and Products sync.
  • Automated email order and billing notifications

Project Details

Ecommerce Platform: AbleCommerce Gold

Website:  www.notubes.com

Sneakers4U AbleCommerce Integration

Drundo implemented one click PayPal checkout utilizing the latest PayPal instant update API. With this implementation S4U customers can place an order from AbleCommerce basket page with single PayPal button click. PayPal will call AbleCommerce behind the scenes and obtain final order price based on customer’s shipping address. When the order gets paid and customer returns back to S4U site AbleCommerce will check if the customer is a new customer and will automatically create customer account based on customer details provided by PayPal and will redirect customer to order receipt page.

  • Implemented new AbleCommerce PayPal gateway based on PayPal Instant Update API
  • One step PayPal checkout integration for new and existing site visitors.
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent orders with customer billing and shipping information provided by PayPal

Project Details

Ecommerce Platform: AbleCommerce 7.0.3

Website:  www.sneakers4u.com

ScrapbookExpo Image

ScrapbookExpo puts Scrapbook EXPO shows around the nation. Each Scrapbook show consists of Admission Tickets, Workshop Tickets, Crop Tickets, among other things. Each show is separated so the users who want to go to Portland, Oregon show don’t accidently buy tickets for another show such as our West Palm Beach, Florida show. Drundo customized AbleCommerce back end and CommerceBuilder code to accommodate ScrapbookEXPO requirements like isolated product categories, event tickets with and start-date and end-date, shared customer reviews for products in multiple categories. We also implemented custom ticket printer interface from AbleCommerce for event ticket orders sing network BOCA ticket printer GHOST script language.

  • AbleCommerce Isolated Categories Implementation.
  • Implementation of product score system with auto-cart-add and upsale based on product score.
  • Shared product reviews implementation.
  • Custom order shipping and handling fee implementation.
  • Online BOCA ticket printer configuration with custom ticket layout. 

Project Details

 Ecommerce Platform: AbleCommerce 7.0.7
BonsaiOutlet AbleCommerce Custom Development
BonsaiOutlet AbleCommerce Project

Drundo implemented several back-end AbleCommerce extensions and custom code modifications for this site running on AbleCommerce 7.0.7. Features include single page checkout implementation and ShareSales affiliate software integration. Drundo also assisted migration of all product and categories from another site based on Magento to AbleCommerce and redirected over 200 URLs from older sites into this website. Drundo also implemented custom URL SEO rules in AbleCommerce, which created more SEO friendly pages and canonical URLs. For more information, please visit their website.

  • Implemented Cross-Sell/Up-Sell and product Auto-Add as part of the product checkout process
  • ShareSale affiliate tracking integration.
  • One page checkout custom integration.
  • Custom SEO rules and canonical url implementation.

Project Details

Ecommerce Platform: AbleCommerce 7.0.7

Website: www.bonsaioutlet.com

Store For Knowledge

Store for Knowledge is a family owned and operated business offering thousands of products ranging from almost every educational subject. Their online storefront is based on AbleCommerce and provides unique products that you do not find at big chains such as Wal-Mart or Target.  This site was migrated to Drundo from Web2Market. After the migration site performance increased dramatically with over 200% decrease in web hosting and site management fees. Drundo migrated site from W2M with no service downtime. We also implemented custom Google Data Feed format for AbleCommerce specific to S4K educational products.
  • Provided high performance pci compliant hosting with huge cost savings.
  • Custom Google Data Feed implementation.
  • Custom discount price implementation for AbleCommerce.

Project Details

 Ecommerce Platform:  AbleCommerce 7.0.7

Bridepower online storefront

BridePower is an online storefront for VOWS Bridal Outlet located in Watertown near Boston. VOWS is the first and largest bridal outlet in the United States to offer high-end designer wedding gown samples and overstock. Site was migrated to Drundo’s high performance AbleCommerce servers from cloud server running at RackSpace. After the migration site performance improved by more than 300% with cost savings of 150%. Drundo reconfigured and fixed AbleCommerce site custom templates, which fixed multiple site layout issues and improved site content manageability.

  • AbleCommerce Custom Templates and Site Layout Fixes
  • Implementation of new customer signup process.
  • Custom gown notifier implementation.
  • Custom gown request implementation with custom export to .csv and .xmf formats.

Project Details

 Ecommerce Platform:  AbleCommerce 7.0.7