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ScrapbookExpo puts Scrapbook EXPO shows around the nation. Each Scrapbook show consists of Admission Tickets, Workshop Tickets, Crop Tickets, among other things. Each show is separated so the users who want to go to Portland, Oregon show don’t accidentally buy tickets for another show such as our West Palm Beach, Florida show. Drundo customized website code to accommodate ScrapbookEXPO requirements like isolated product categories, event tickets with and start-date and end-date, shared customer reviews for products in multiple categories. We also implemented custom ticket printer interface for event ticket orders sing network BOCA ticket printer GHOST script language.

  • Isolated Categories Implementation.
  • Implementation of product score system with auto-cart-add and upsale based on product score.
  • Shared product reviews implementation.
  • Custom order shipping and handling fee implementation.
  • Online BOCA ticket printer configuration with custom ticket layout. 

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